High Court dismisses injunction application against ICSA

The High Court has dismissed an application by James Reynolds for an interlocutory injunction against the Irish Cattle and Sheep Farmers’ Association (ICSA) earlier today (Tuesday, June 27).

Through this decision, the interim injunction which was previously granted to Reynolds – which had prevented the group removing him from his roles in the association – has now been set aside and full costs have been awarded to the ICSA, according to the organisation.

The judge presiding over the case, Mr. Justice Paul Gilligan, held that the association “acted in accordance with its constitution” in removing Reynolds from the organisation and thereby removing him as treasurer.

In a statement, the farmers’ group said: “The ICSA management committee had taken these steps because it determined that being Deputy President of the National Party and acting as its spokesman could not be reconciled with also being the ICSA treasurer.

The ICSA also objected to the gratuitously offensive nature of comments made on social media by Mr. Reynolds regarding the former Taoiseach, the EU Commissioner and other politicians.

Concluding, the association said: “The ICSA, as a lobbying organisation, will continue to fight for farmers with all political parties using the credibility it has built up over many years as a fair, neutral and determined advocate.”


Reynolds, who is also a co-founder of the National Party, was reportedly concerned that his reputation could be damaged if he were to be removed from his role and sought the injunction to prevent this.

A previous IFA Longford County Chairman, Reynolds has been involved with the ICSA for a number of years; he was elected to his erstwhile role of national treasurer for a two-year term early in 2016.

The National Party

Among its core principles, the National Party states that it is opposed to unrestricted immigration and any law permitting the provision of abortion in Ireland.

With regard to the criminal justice system, the National Party also believes the restoration of the death penalty should be considered for “particularly heinous crimes”.