Jim Higgins MEP candidate for Midlands-North-West has criticised some candidates for their ‘anti EU stance‘ outlining the importance of EU funding to Irish Agriculture.

“Our Common Agriculture Policy is our most successful economic policy. It’s not perfect but it’s worth €12.5 billion to Irish agriculture and rural areas. Our farmers need to vote for those who will fight for a fair CAP for Ireland not those who seek to destroy it.”

“There are approximately 140,000 family farms in Ireland, the vast majority of which would not survive without the single farm payment – yet there are European candidates who pride themselves on their anti-EU stance.”

“People need to think good and hard about the consequences of supporting candidates who seek to tear apart our membership of the EU – this would have untold negative consequences for Ireland and the Irish people – but none would feel it as keenly as our family farms.”

called on the farming and agriculture community to “mobilise themselves to ensure that candidates who have worked hard and will work hard for Irish agriculture are sent to Brussels.”

Jim Higgins was adamant that the farming community would decide the fate of the European elections. “I’m calling on the farming community to stand up and ensure that the next Parliament will have Irish MEPs who will represent their interests and concerns.”