Deals for green spring barley are ranging from €130/t to €135/t with green wheat from €138/t to €140/t, according to the IFA’s latest grain market update.

It also says that Bretts has set a headline price for winter barley of €140/t (at 20% moisture excl. vat). Many of the private merchants did deals at the €135/t to €140/, it says, but as harvest progressed and yields surpassed expectations the premium for winter barley has not carried into the spring crop. Non-contract oats are trading from €5/t to €12/t under barley.

The IFA analysis outlines that close on 85% of the malting crop has been harvested at this stage. It says proteins are significantly lower than last season and rejections to date have been under 3%. In terms of prices, the IFA says Boortmalt has offered €152/t (at 20% moisture excl. vat) for surplus malting barley.

In relation to the straw market, the IFA update says Biotricity stepped into the market purchasing 13,000t straw for the current year with the intention of ratcheting it up to 100,000t for the 2016 harvest.

It says while the spot market for straw, particularly for round bales, remains sluggish in surplus areas, demand for feed quality straw in the northern part of the country remains strong. 4 x 4 rounds are trading from €8/bale in surplus areas to €14/bale in deficit areas. The demand for big squares has increased dramatically in recent years as they are more attractive for haulage and storage.