Graphic content: Sheep maimed in ‘horrific’ dog attack

Over 30 sheep were mauled, maimed and killed in a “horrific” dog attack last weekend in a rural area north of Glasgow in Scotland.

Images of the resulting injuries sustained in the attack were posted on social media by Andy Richardson; the original Facebook post went viral and has been shared over 5,400 times.

The photos show a number of sheep which had their faces mauled and disfigured.

People were shocked and dismayed at the extent of the injuries the sheep suffered, with many describing it as the worst dog attack they had ever seen.

At least one large dog is believed to have been involved in the attack, which took place on Saturday, March 3.

Commenting on the incident on social media, Richardson outlined that he thought more than one was involved and that possibly between two and six dogs carried out the attack.

He said: “What makes this gut wrenching – but interesting – is the area, Inveraray, Argyll. This is a small community, so someone knows whose dogs were involved in this horrific attack. This is 100% a dog attack, so no need for speculation.”

Warning – images contained in the gallery below are graphic and some people may find them distressing.

Richardson called on anyone who may have information relating to the sheep worrying attack to get in touch or to contact police.

It is understood that a number of sheep which survived the initial attack had to be put down as a result of their respective injuries.