Global Dairy Trade auction up again

The Global Dairy Trade auction was up again, this time by 1.1%, for the sixth consecutive time.

The results of Fonterra’s auction for dairy products saw positives for butter, butter milk powder, skim milk powder and cheddar.

The main movers were:

  • AMF index down 2.2%, average price US$4,237/MT
  • Butter index up 2.5%, average price US$3,912/MT
  • BMP index up 6.8%, average price US$2,681/MT
  • Ched index up 10.8%, average price US$3,377/MT
  • LAC not offered
  • RenCas index down 0.7%, average price US$8,694/MT
  • SMP index up 5.9%, average price US$2,935/MT
  • SWP index not available, average price not available
  • WMP index down 1.0%, average price US$3,241/MT

Back on February 17, the previous auction, dairy products saw prices rise by 10.1%. That rise followed Fonterra’s last dairy trade auction in early February also showing an increase of 9.4% in the overall auction index.

Recent auctions have been much more positive result for dairy products than seen at previous Fonterra auctions held since last summer.