Glanbia’s suppliers are one of the strongest weapons in its armoury, Jim Bergin said at the official opening of the Glanbia Belview plant.

He said that the close collaboration Glanbia has with it suppliers is key to the success of the business.

He also said that when the 79 milk suppliers delivering 27m litres of milk into Ballyragget, increase their output they will receive an additional income of that will lead to an economic impact of €10m  on the local economy.

“Farmers will have a bigger impact on our economy than anyone else in the coming years.”

Glanbia Managing Director Siobhan Talbot said the facility will be a flagship of the overarching Glanbia global ambitions. She also said the facility will take products to global consumers who truly recognise what Glanbia does.”We take that most nutritious product of milk and bring it on a global scale to consumers.

“We have 5,800 people who get up every day to make Glanbia what it is. The employees truly make Glanbia what it is.

“We see our role link between what is a truly fantastic sustainable high quality nutritious product and our customers.

Jim Bergin also said that Glanbia has delivered for the Irish dairy industry. “Ireland is one of the best dairy nations in the world. Irish farmers are some of the best milk producers in the world.

“After 30 years of stagnation we are very pleased to be unlocking the vast capacity and potential that our suppliers have with this new investment which will be the flagship of our dairy industry in Ireland for many years.”

Glanbia, he said, is Ireland’s largest processor, with 30% of the Irish milk pool, processing 1.6bn litres of milk every year.

It has 4,800 suppliers from 21 counties and has products in 50 countries around the world.