Glanbia Ingredients Ireland’s officially opened its new hi-spec infant formula standard Belview facility. The facility will create employment for 1,600 direct and indirect jobs while contributing an estimated €400m/annum to the economy.

By 2020, Glanbia’s 4,800 milk suppliers expect to increase milk production by 63%. Currently, Glanbia Ingredients Ireland processes 1.8 billion litres of milk or 30% of Ireland’s milk pool into a range of dairy ingredients for export to more than 50 countries. 

  • Milk processing capacity – 2.5m litres of milk a day.
  • Each of the two dryers will process milk from 60,000 cows a day.
  • The plant is equipped with 7 x 300,000L pasteurised silos
  • The plant has three pasteurisers working at 60,000L/hour capacity
  • Six raw milk silos have the capacity of 300,000L.
  • The dryers can work for 28 days straight.
  • Belview has 24,000sq/m of floor space – almost the size of two hurling pitches.
  • There is 36km of pipes in the plant.
  • It is equipped with 1,700 sensors monitoring milk movement.
  • Belview is being driven by 500 motors.
  • It will produce 100,000 tonnes of dairy powders per year.
  • It will provide direct employment to 76 people.
  • It will also provide indirect employment to 1,600.