Glanbia plans ‘very interesting exercise’ in digital connectivity

Glanbia plc will be conducting a “very interesting exercise” on the capability of digital connectivity in 2019, according to group managing director Siobhán Talbot.

The managing director hinted at the possibility of expanding the “capability” of the channel to cover its broader brand portfolio, in recognition of strong customers already operating in digital.

Speaking at Glanbia’s annual general meeting in Kilkenny earlier today, Wednesday, April 24, Talbot underlined the importance of digital connectivity, citing it as “one of four” key trends earmarked by the company – alongside: health and wellness; on-the-go food and drink; and clean labelling.

Highlighting digital connectivity as something the firm has “ramped up” internally over the last 12-18 months, the managing director explained the importance of the trend.

As consumers we all know – everybody wants to do everything on their smartphones.

“Consumers are very connected – and organisations need to be aware of that, whether in the ingredients space, but particularly in the branding space,” Talbot noted.

“Consumers have great power through their ability and technology; they can create brands, they can endorse brands, they can sadly damage brands if they don’t like them.”

Digital space

Talbot underlined Glanbia’s activity in the digital area in recent years, referencing the firm’s acquisition of its online-based sports nutrition entity Body & Fit.

“For us, a recent acquisition that we spoke to you about 12 months ago, the acquisition of Body & Fit, is an acquisition that is only available online; a brand that has full fulfillment and customer service capability, based in the Netherlands.

We’re going to do a very interesting exercise in 2019; to think further about how we will leverage that capability through the entirety of our brand portfolio.

“There are a number of very strong consumer brands that operate in that digital space.

“And again that is very much a growing space; we are all very aware of the power of great customers of ours such as Amazon, Ali Baba in Asia, [there are] 666 million regular consumers on their websites.

“So, it is phenomenal and it is absolutely right that, as an organisation that is ambitious, we want capability in that space,” Talbot concluded.