Glanbia has announced its milk price for June supplies

Glanbia has announced that it will pay its member suppliers 22c/L including VAT for June manufacturing milk supplies.

This price is inclusive of a 2c/L Glanbia Co-operative Society support payment to its members.

Glanbia Ingredients Ireland (GII) has held its base price at 20c/L including VAT for manufacturing milk at 3.6% fat and 3.3% protein.

The Board of Glanbia Co-operative Society has decided to pay its members a support payment of 2c/L (including VAT) for June manufacturing and liquid milk supplies.

Last month, it paid its member suppliers a base price of 20c/L for May manufacturing milk supplies, but topped this up with a bonus payment of 2c/L from Glanbia Co-op and 1c/L from GII.

Including these bonuses, member suppliers received 23c/L for May milk, including VAT, for manufacturing milk at 3.6% fat and 3.3% protein.

This included the distribution of the remaining balance of the Ornua ‘additional cash bonus’. A 1c/L Ornua bonus was distributed to all suppliers in March.

Henry Corbally, Glanbia Chairman, said that recent weeks have seen a tentative recovery – albeit from a very low level – in prices for some products.

The Board is very conscious of the challenges currently faced by our suppliers and we will continue to do as much as possible to support them.

He highlighted that a significant number its suppliers are benefitting from their participation in Fixed Milk Price schemes, which are paying base prices of up to 32c/L.

Earlier this week, Lakeland Dairies held its base milk price for June supplies at 23c/L.* It had cut its milk price by 0.5c/L for May supplies, however a 1c/L Ornua bonus was applicable, which brought the price for the month to 24c/L including VAT.

Kerry has also held its milk price for June, a spokesperson has confirmed to Agriland. Suppliers will receive 22.5c/L for last month’s milk.

In May, Kerry reduced its milk price for supplies of milk by 1c/L to bring the price to 22.5c/L.

*This story was updated to confirm that the Ornua bonus payment would not be applicable for June milk supplies to Lakeland.