‘Major promotional effort needed to secure Turkish live cattle tender’

With the uncertainty in the cattle trade at present, a major promotional effort is now needed to get Irish live cattle exported to Turkey, according to the ICMSA.

Michael Guinan, Chairperson of ICMSA’s Livestock Committee said all state agencies – including the Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine and An Bord Bia – must put a coordinated and huge effort into ensuring that Ireland secures as much as possible of the current 50,000 head tender.

The ICMSA Committee Chairperson said that the Brexit decision has brought a level of uncertainty to the cattle trade that needs to be addressed and securing a contract with Turkey to supply live cattle would be just the injection that the cattle trade needs as we head into the Autumn.

Guinan said that he understands that Irish live exporters are anxious to get this trade “up and running” quickly and in this regard, it is hugely important that the state agencies play a very active role in assisting them in their efforts to secure part of the tender.

He noted that competition will drive cattle prices and live exports are hugely important in this regard.

“Turkey has a strong demand for live cattle and ICMSA believes that Ireland can become an important supplier to a scale that will drive competition for the meat plants and provide farmers with an alternative outlet for their cattle. Ireland simply must secure as much of the current tender as possible and major efforts will be required to develop this trade over the remainder of 2016 and into 2017”, Guinan said.

IFA expects Irish exporters to tender

IFA National Livestock Chairman Angus Woods said today the opening of tenders by the Turkish Meat and Milk Board for the supply of live animals is a positive development and he expected Irish live exporters to tender for business.

Angus Woods said the tender has opened for the supply of up to 50,000 weanlings for the month of September from EU member states.

He said Ireland is in a strong position to supply as we have an abundant supply of suitable quality stock to meet the Turkish requirements.

Woods said Turkey has an import requirement for up to 400,000 head of young cattle annually and there will be further tenders in October and the following months.