‘Getting Ireland Brexit Ready’ campaign back in the limelight

Following the dire warnings in relation to Brexit earlier this week from Tánaiste Simon Coveney, the ‘Getting Ireland Brexit Ready’ campaign was brought back into the limelight, during Dáil proceedings on Tuesday, July 9.

Speaking on the matter, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar pointed out that the campaign – which was launched back in September – included a total of 104 stakeholder events that have been held in 21 counties so far, with many more planned.

He also highlighted the financial assistance that is now available to help Irish businesses mitigate against the Brexit impact.

There is a €300 million Brexit loan scheme with affordable loans of €25,000 to €1.5 million for eligible businesses impacted by Brexit.

He continued: “There is also a €300 million future growth loan scheme for SMEs – including farmers – to back strategic long-term investment after Brexit.

“Enterprise Ireland has its ‘Be Prepared’ grant of €5,000 to assist client companies develop strategic plans to respond to Brexit and InterTradeIreland’s ‘Start to Plan’ vouchers of up to €2,000 will help SMEs to get professional advice on Brexit.”

Rounding up the troupes

The Taoiseach went on then to point to the 700 or so staff that have been put in place across Revenue, customs, the HSE and the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine to deal with Brexit.

He said that much of the work they will be involved with will include contacting businesses.

Any business that trades with the UK that does not yet have an EORI number will be contacted by letter and followed up by phone to encourage them to get that number so they can be ready for customs procedures.

He continued: “It is important to say that while 40,000 companies have a number, another 40,000 do not. It appears those that don’t do not do regular trade with the UK.

“In terms of more general business preparations we are encouraging businesses that have not yet done so to engage. It is not a case of saying it will be all right on the night.

Some people may assume there will be a deal and I hope there will be.

“Some people may assume there will be an extension if there is no deal but I do not think businesses can make that assumption and I would encourage any business that has not engaged to do so.

“There is still time between now and October 31 – but not as much time as people may think.”