German firm touts novel trailer/tanker conversion system

German machinery manufacturer Huesker has created a conversion system to transform a standard tipping trailer into a bulk liquid transport tanker.

The firm says that this can be used for liquid manure and fermentation liquids (i.e. slurry – in the same manner as a conventional tanker).

The ‘Flexcover Combi Transport Combination‘ system is attached to the back of an ordinary tipping trailer in place of the original tailgate. The unit is installed on the tailgate fittings, with a ‘bag’ then rolled out across the floor of the trailer, then secured in place with hooks at the front.

Installing the system is a relatively straight-forward procedure as the entire module is fully assembled when supplied, including the pump and storage ‘bag’.

Hydraulic hoses for the pump and so-called RotaCut unit are included.

The storage tank bag is PVC-coated and woven with a UV-resistant finish. In addition, according to the firm, the bag is resistant to damage caused by flexing – with no cracks apparently reported after 100,000 flexes.


There are various benefits, as claimed by Huesker, such as being very economic, durable and user-friendly. It takes two people less than one hour to convert a trailer into a tanker, using pallet forks.

The trailer’s tipping function is not affected, and the system can be set to match the trailer’s full capacity. In terms of safety features, there is an overflow alarm, a pressure sensor and a high-pressure valve.

The set-up includes a pump, stone trap, pipe fittings, macerator and the storage ‘bag’ – in all weighing about 700kg. Bags with capacities between 10m³ and 32m³ can be obtained.

The company claims that its system enables multiple, different uses of tipping trailers, without having to make any sort of long-term change to the trailer itself – thus creating an “ideal transport vehicle” for occasional liquid shifting.

Huesker supplies the system direct. Prices reportedly start at £21,500 in the UK; German prices are approximately €25,000. A video of the system in action can be seen here.

There is no Irish agent at present, but the company is believed to be reviewing distribution arrangements.