Gardaí in Co. Tipperary conducted a checkpoint on the evening of February 1, 2022 in which the driver of a tractor – towing a slurry tank – was stopped for a plethora of problems.

Gardaí took to social media to highlight the bizarre – and extremely dangerous – incident.

The tractor was stopped by Templemore Roads Policing Unit driving in darkness hours with no lights and towing a slurry tank which was missing a wheel.

Image source: Gardai Tipperary

The post on the An Garda Síochána Tipperary Facebook page confirmed – unsurprisingly – that proceedings will follow for the male driver of the tractor.

While driving with missing wheels and no lights is somewhat unusual, driving with worn or bald tyres is a much more frequent problem that Gardaí run into on the roads.

This is often seen on towed trailers or livestock boxes.

Just two-weeks ago, Gardaí in Co. Clare took a driver to task after noting that the tyres on the sheep trailer being towed had seen better days.

The vehicle was pulled over at a checkpoint in the county and, on examination, the tyres on the trailer were found to be badly worn and not suitable for the road.

The driver in question was handed Fixed Charge Notices (FCNs) for their trouble.

Gardaí took to social media to highlight the discovery – via the ‘GardaTraffic’ Twitter page – on Friday, January 21, using the hashtag ‘SaferRoads’.

The post confirmed the details, saying: “Clare Roads Policing Unit conducting a checkpoint last night stopped a vehicle towing a sheep trailer. On inspection some of the tyres on the trailer were well past their prime. FCNs were issued to the driver.”

According to the Road Safety Authority (RSA), it is the driver’s responsibility to ensure a trailer is roadworthy.

If you’re towing a trailer, it is your responsibility as the driver to ensure that both the towing vehicle and trailer are safe and mechanically sound, fit for purpose, and legally compliant with all relevant Road Traffic legislation.