Andrew Macky, also known as ‘The Once a Day Farmer‘, will be taking over our social media this Friday, December 17, in another Agriland Takeover – on Instagram and Facebook.

The Kiwi man farms in the Waikato region on the north Island of New Zealand, and milks 320 Jersey cows in a once-a-day (OAD) milking operation – hence the name.

Andrew will begin his takeover as he starts his working day on Friday morning, however with the time difference (New Zealand is 13 hours ahead) it will begin late Thursday evening, Irish time.

Andrew goes by ‘The Once a Day Farmer’ on social media, where his presence has been growing rapidly. Earlier this year, Andrew doubled his YouTube subscribers in the space of four months, going from 5,010 on June 10, to 10,100 in October 17.

He now has 11,700 subscribers regularly watching the videos of his daily farming life.

With the seasons flipped Down Under, New Zealand is entering its summer, meaning Andrew’s recent videos document the nice-weather farms jobs, like first-cut silage.

The channel’s most popular video, ‘The Vets Are Putting All My Calves To Sleep‘ has garnered 238,000 views since it was posted just two months ago.

Andrew also shares snippets of his personal life, like his young family, on his Instagram page under the same handle.

The Once A Day Farmer

Get to know Andrew’s dairy farm ahead of his takeover

Earlier this year, Agriland Dairy Specialist Brian McDonnell spoke to Andrew to get an comprehensive run-down of his operation.

Catch up on his reporting below, ahead of Andrew’s takeover this Friday, and prepare any questions you might want to ask him.

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