Numerous teams of firefighters were mobilised to rescue a 12-month-old bullock which became trapped in a water trough earlier this week in the UK.

The incident occurred in Hampshire, England, on Monday afternoon, July 21, according to the local fire brigade, Hampshire Fire and Rescue.

After the firefighters succeeded in freeing the animal, the steer was treated by a vet.

Firefighters based at Fordingbridge Fire Station took to social media to explain the incident:

“H47P7 mobilised this afternoon by Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service Control along with crews from Lyndhurst Fire Station, Brockenhurst Fire Station and Hampshire Fire and Rescue Animal Rescue Team to a 12-month steer trapped in a water trough at Breamore.


“The animal [was] successfully released and treated on-scene by a vet,” the fire brigade said.

Meanwhile, Hampshire Fire and Rescue Animal Rescue Team was recently called out to a similar incident which occurred last month, when a 13-year-old British White cow became trapped between trees in a local forest.

Image source: HFRS Animal Rescue

The animal was successfully freed and returned to the care of her owner.