Colgan Agri, a Tullamore-based father-and-son contracting company, launched a mobile slurry tanker ‘Filling Arm’ at the National Ploughing Championships, in Co. Offaly in recent weeks.

According to the manufacturer, the implement can significantly speed up filling time, while providing a safe working environment for the operator at all times.

It can be used in conjunction with any make of agitator and can either be mounted on the front linkage of a tractor or left to stand free.

The Filling Arm is fed by a separate slurry pump, which is normally mounted on the rear linkage of the same tractor.

Colgan Agri claims the machine is capable of top-filling a 10,230L (2,250-gallon) slurry tanker in less than 60 seconds.

William Colgan, Managing Directer of Colgan Agri, stated: “The farmer or contractor has no need to exit the tractor during the filling process –  this device enhances safety while improving overall efficiency.”

The Filling arm features two hydraulically-operated articulation points – it can also swivel, allowing the implement to position over the tanker.

A camera is attached to the end of the arm to aid accuracy – a monitor is also present in the cab of the tractor allowing the operator to see when the slurry tanker is full.

Once filling is complete, the operator can continue to use the agitator and mix the remaining slurry in the store.

The cost of the Filling Arm is €2,700 including VAT.