Farmers feature on the latest tax defaulters list

Farmers featured again on the latest Revenue tax defaulters list for the first quarter of 2016 (January – March).

Some 15 farmers featured on the failure to lodge income tax returns list, while a number feature on the list for under-declaration of taxes.

Co. Cork farmer Florence Geaney owes €355,367.00 to Revenue for the under-declaration of Capital Gains Tax, the largest amount any farmer owes this time to Revenue.

Farmer and dog breeder Cyril Anderson from Co. Westmeath owes €84,000 for the under-declaration of VAT and Income Tax.

Michael Brennan, a farmer and builder from Co. Kilkenny owes the Revenue €159,297.00 for the under-declaration of VAT and PRSI/PAYE.

According to the Revenue, some 15 farmers made the list for failing to lodge income tax returns. Michael White, a farmer from Co.Dublin, owes the highest amount of income tax returns with a bill of €3,000.

John Lane, a Co. Galway farmer, owes €2,500 to the Revenue commissioners for failing to lodge income tax returns.

Meanwhile, Co. Cork farmer and builder Thomas O’Brien, owes €40,000 for failing to lodge VAT returns.

Tipperary farmer and contractor received an 18 months suspended sentence for failing to maintain books and records.

Several farmers were also fined under the misuse of mineral oil (green diesel):

  • John Patick Duffy, Co. Mayo, fined €9,000.
  • Eamonn Flynn, Co. Kerry, fined €2,500.
  • Philip O’Neill, Co. Roscommon, fined €2,500.

A full list of defaulters can be found at the Revenue site.