Have you ever wanted to farm and travel at the same time? Well now’s your chance as the world’s remotest inhabited island is looking for you!

An Agricultural Adviser is required for Tristan da Cunha to assist with all aspects of the development of livestock and agriculture on the island, which is in the South Atlantic.

The job is being advertised on the National Farmers Union (NFU) website in the UK as Tristan da Cunha is an overseas territory of the United Kingdom (UKOT).

According to the NFU, the island has approximately 1000ac of poor grazing land for 300 cattle and 500 sheep.

The community there produces potatoes in family run allotments, but intend to harvest fruits, vegetables and other crops to reduce its reliance on imported foodstuffs.

So what does the job entail?

The NFU has said that the successful candidate will be able to demonstrate expertise gained in the UK in the following areas:

  • AI and modern medication for livestock;
  • Arable crop rotation;
  • Orchard creation, management and development;
  • Tending to legumes in greenhouses – extensive experience of developing successful greenhouse operations; and
  • Livestock maintenance (beef/dairy/sheep) and general animal husbandry.

As it is the world’s remotest inhabited island, there is just one village, called Edinburgh of the Seven Seas, where the population of 265 live.

It is an attractive package with free accommodation and travel, while the salary is negotiable dependant on experience and qualifications, the NFU has said.

There are two neighbouring islands, called Nightingale and Inaccessible and Cape Town in South Africa is approximately 1,750 miles away.

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