Farmer set to share in the profits of 2,000-year-old coins found on his land

A farmer in the UK is set to share in the profits of a hoard of 2,000-year-old coins found on his land, according to Devon Live.

Approximately 600 Roman silver coins were found in a farmer’s field in Bridport by 35-year-old Mike Smale.

The “rare” denarri coins were reportedly found by Smale and his colleagues from the Southern Detectorists club at a recent event.

It is alleged that the coins could sell for up to £900 (€1,020) each, which means that the entire find could be worth in the region of £200,000 (€226,800).

The discovery has been described as a “once-in-a-lifetime find“. It is understood that the coins will now be valued.

The most likely scenario is that the coins will then be sold to a museum; following the sale, the profits will be split between Smale and the farmer who owned the land, Devon Live added.

It is believed that Smale intends to split his share of the profits with his colleagues.

Reports suggest that the coins could date back to as early as the first century. Given the amount of coins discovered by Smale, it is thought that the coins may have been contained in a pot which was subsequently struck by a plough.

The quality and quantity of the rare coins found far surpasses any other discovery made by the Southern Detectorists club in recent times, Devon Live reported.

The event at which the coins were found was reportedly organised by Sean MacDonald. He believes that a discovery of this magnitude will never be found again.