Farmer chases thief (successfully) on his John Deere tractor

A US man who was cutting wood in a forest stopped a man trying to steal his truck; by giving chase on his John Deere tractor.

Zanescot Kester from Missouri told Fox 2 News that he was cutting wood and using his tractor to load the wood onto his dump truck when he saw it rolling away.

Kester sells firewood as part of his lawn and tree business and was deep in the woods with no one else around. Or so he thought.

“As I was coming out of the woods I saw my truck leaving and trailer- we’re talking half a mile back in the woods,” he said.

Kester then explains that he put the John Deere “in high gear and went after him”.

Kester called the sheriff’s department as he gave chase. It emerged that the thief took Kester’s truck to try to free a pick-up that was stuck and the pick-up had been reported stolen.

The thief then got Kester’s truck stuck when the wood cutter brought his tractor in behind him.

“I brought the tractor right in behind it. I put the bucket down. I said, ‘bud you ain’t going nowhere. The police are on the way. You’re just waiting right here’.

“We can put some lights up here find a siren somewhere…we’ll chase them down no matter where they go.

“Nothing runs like a Deere!” Kester said.

The news website reports that both Kester and the owner of the stolen pick-up both now have their trucks back.