Family farm ‘at threat like never before’ due to ongoing dispute

The family farm is “under threat like never before” because of the ongoing dispute, according to independent TD Michael Fitzmaurice.

Commenting on the situation, deputy Fitzmaurice said: “Farmers who produce beef can’t and won’t survive if the current pricing and regulatory structure remains.

“The current dispute proves there needs to be a clear path laid out for our beef sector.

“The consequence of any failure to do this will be the dumping of second-class beef into Ireland and a disruption to the climate by ongoing burning of Amazon forests,” the Galway-Roscommon TD warned.

Decisions must now be made if people want the current Rolls Royce product or beef from the scrap yard.

“The minister and the producers have the future of Irish beef in their hands. Are they prepared to see 100,000 farm families disappear? Meat Industry Ireland (MII) must understand its arrogance will kill a viable future for Irish beef.”

The TD added that politicians also “need to be honest” and admit the disappearance of the beef industry is the inevitable consequence.

He said that, in that regard, the actions of MII in the last four days has been “utterly unhelpful” and criticised its handling of staff layoffs and the manner in which it was done.

Deputy Fitzmaurice argued that other sectors in quiet times manage to employ their workers, stating that “the endemic disrespect needs to be tackled and swiftly”.

The best place to do that is via all-party talks. The minister must in that regard move,” the TD concluded.