Biocel Ltd., Ireland’s leading manufacturer of dairy hygiene, teat care and biosecurity products, has announced a new appointment to the Dairy Technical & Sales Team, combined with some new products and support functions for customers.

Steve Farrell B. Agr. Sc, has joined the Dairy Technical & Sales Team to support Biocel products in the marketplace.

Steve comes from a dairying background and has extensive knowledge of the sector from previous roles in Ireland and a spell in New Zealand working on a large dairy farm.

Steve Farrell, B.Agr.Sc., Technical Sales at Biocel Ltd.

Dairy hygiene product update

Since the removal of chlorine from cleaning detergents, and due to the challenge being faced on many farms in maintaining the hot wash temperature above 50°C on milking plants, this is resulting in the formation of a ‘Vaseline-type’ deposits on equipment.

This then leads to an increase in thermoduric / total bacterial counts (TBC).

To solve these issues, Biocel Ltd. developed an innovative chemical solution and wash programme to overcome this challenge.

The Biocel CirCool cold wash programme for milking plants, launched in 2022 is proven to eliminate the challenge of maintaining wash temperature, while also delivering considerable water heating cost savings.

CirCool Powder is available in 20kg buckets and 20L, 200L, or 1,000L in CirCool Liquid.

Production of premium quality milk is now more critical than ever on dairy farms, to ensure all quality bonuses are received in 2024 and to support customers in this aim, Biocel Ltd. has launched some new supports for 2024.

  1. Thermoduric / TBC reduction plan – this plan focuses on the key common causes of increased thermoduric / TBC counts during the lactation. This plan focuses on the correct application of products, combined with critical areas that need attention when a spike in thermoduric / TBC counts arise;
  2. SCC reduction plan – this plan focuses on the key hygiene areas such as teat spraying, dipping, cluster disinfection, hand hygiene to reduce the risk of cross contamination and mastitis transfer within the herd.

Both plans are available through Tele-support and on-farm visits from the Biocel Ltd. Technical Team.


Biocel Ltd. is the Irish distributor for FAM 30 – a Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM)-approved iodine disinfectant, which is approved against TB/brucellosis.

DAFM has reported an increase in TB in some areas, and it is critical that an effective disinfectant is used to combat the spread of this organism on farm, while also ensuring all visitors and vehicles coming on farm are disinfected.

Biocel Ltd. has launched DAFM-approved disinfectant, INTERKOKASK Concentrate, on the market for 2024 to complement the FAM 30 product.

Cryptosporidium/coccidiosis are major challenges to young calves’ health and thrive, and it is critical that an effective proven disinfectant is used to control these organisms in calf housing and handling facilities.

Biocel Ltd. is supporting the sector with extended ‘Spring Sale’ offers in 2024 on leading dairy hygiene and biosecurity products available through co-ops and merchants.

Products available to support milk quality and biosecurity

  • CirCool – Powder and Liquid Cold Wash;
  • CIRCODINE CF – premium cold/hot wash powder;
  • Locount – 76% caustic Teagasc formulation cold/hot wash powder;
  • Multisan CF – dual hydroxide cold/hot wash liquid;
  • CIRCO – ACID 3 – detergent/descaler/disinfectant, 3/1 hot wash;
  • Supercleen descaler – phosphoric / nitric acid based descaler;
  • Serpent 15 – unique high concentration peracetic acid for disinfection / scale prevention;
  • Clus-ster XX – double concentrate peracetic acid for cluster disinfection;
  • DUO-CEL RTU and 4/1 concentrate – lactic acid / chlorhexidine gluconate based teat dip, spray foam;
  • HEXA-CEL RTU and 6/1 concentrate – chlorhexidine gluconate based teat dip, spray foam;
  • MAXIDINE RTU and 3/1 concentrate – iodine-based teat spray and dip for post-dipping;
  • FAM 30 – iodine-based DAFM-approved disinfectant for TB control;
  • INTERKOKASK Concentrate – chlorocresol-based DAFM-approved disinfectant for control of cryptosporidium and coccidiosis.

For more information on optimum milk production and biosecurity, you can contact Biocel Ltd. at 021 4353516 or [email protected] for information on hygiene/SCC control programmes or visit