Donegal breeders gearing up for Wicklow Cheviot show and sale

A group of dedicated Wicklow Cheviot breeders in Co. Donegal is gearing up for its annual Premier Show and Sale, which is scheduled to take place of Wednesday next week (October 10).

Taking place in Stranorlar Mart, top-quality shearling Cheviot rams and ewes are guaranteed at the show and sale. A selection of these rams are star-rated under Sheep Ireland and there is parentage available also.

Rams entered have been selected for their tight skins and good feet, while a great emphasis has been placed on their conformation. A large entry of pedigree Cheviot hogget ewes – 60 ear-marked hogget ewes – and ewe lambs will also be offered after the ram sale.

The show will commence at 5:30pm and the sale is set to begin at 7:30pm.

Organisers claim that the sale will afford sheep farmers the opportunity to purchase top-quality Cheviot shearling rams, hogget ewes and ewe lambs.

Sheep farmers are constantly looking for a breed that requires low maintenance and yet still produces quality offspring. The Cheviot breed is said to tick all of the boxes in this regard.

Cheviot and Cheviot-cross ewes are consistently achieving top prices at breeding sales this year. This comes as they are renowned for their hardiness, mothering ability and their capacity to produce fast-growing lambs, with good conformation.

Many farmers who are using Cheviot-cross ewes consistently comment on their ability to lamb down easily with lots of milk, while also producing vigorous lambs.

These ewes are of low maintenance and are suited to both hill and lowland flocks. When the Cheviot ewe is crossed with the Suffolk ram, they produce a top-class ewe which is ideal for lowland farmers to use as a brood ewe.

Research carried out in Hillsborough, Northern Ireland, has consistently shown that the Cheviot/Suffolk cross ewe requires the least attention at lambing and throughout the year and therefore deserves the title of ‘The True Hardy and Easy Care Ewe’.

This Cheviot/Suffolk cross ewe – known as the Borris ewe – produces a lamb with high growth rate, low fat cover and good conformation when crossed with a continental ram.

For more information on the upcoming sale, contact Manus at: 086-1596739.