Do you have the best solution to keep your lambs safe from foxes?

It is one of the biggest fears of any sheep farmer to come out on a spring morning and discover the fox has taken or just blatantly killed some of your newborn lambs.

It seems that one Australian sheep farmer had enough of this and a number of years ago came up with a very clever solution called the “Foxlight”.

How do Foxlights work?

It is a product about the size of a flashlight which works off a computerised varying flash with three colours. The random nature of the flashing means predators are unlikely to get used to it.

Nine LED bulbs projecting at 360° can be seen over 1km away. Foxlights give the impression that someone is patrolling the field with a flashlight; it keeps foxes away due to their natural fear of man.

The product is very easy to use; it runs off a standard 6V battery which lasts approximately six months.

It automatically comes on at dark and switches off at dawn so there is no need to turn it on or off. As well, it can be hung on a post or an existing fence line.

Foxlights doing the job on a Wexford farm

Foxlights have made their way to Ireland and are making a big impression with many sheep farmers across the country.

One such farmer is Thomas Pummer who runs a mixed sheep and suckler enterprise in Monfin, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford. Thomas has 85 ewes and has had some issues with fox attacks in the past. So, he decided to give Foxlights a go in 2017 with excellent results.

Thomas commented: “I couldn’t fault the product. During the 2016 lambing season I lost eight lambs to the fox.

In 2017 I bought a Foxlight and set it up on a post in the middle of a 4ac paddock where I put the lambs out at about two days old; thankfully, no lambs were lost.

“In 2018 I used the Foxlight in a larger field that has a hill in it. I bought another Foxlight and set one up on the brow of the hill and another on the lower ground.

“There was the same result in 2018 – no lambs lost. The Foxlight is obviously doing its job – I’m delighted with it.”

Where can I buy Foxlights?

Foxlights are distributed in Ireland by Forcefield Active Technology and are available through your local co-op or agri merchant.

To find your local stockist call one of the Forcefield team:

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