Department extends live export ban to Europe

The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine has extended the ban placed on the transport of ruminants to continental Europe for an additional 48 hours.

The authority added that an update on the situation will be issued this Wednesday, July 24.

The ban was originally announced by the department on Friday, to be introduced on Saturday, July 20.

In a brief statement, it was revealed:

“In view of the forecasts of another severe heatwave, road transport of live ruminants to/through continental Europe is prohibited as and from tomorrow morning, Saturday, July 20, 2019, until further notice.”

As in previous years there is a total ban for the months of July and August on the endorsement of Journey Logs for consignments of live animals by road transport to North Africa, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria and Croatia.

This ban is enforced by the Veterinary Inspector at the Assembly Centre. This list may be updated on the department’s website as needed, according to the authority.

A number of weather warnings have been issued by countries in Europe, according to European weather website, with yellow and orange hot weather warnings issued in France, Italy, Spain, and a number of other nations around the continent.