Just weigh and go: Your own on-farm weighbridge for €8,000

UK-based company Griffith Elder is bringing one of the more unusual exhibits to January’s LAMMA show.

The company will showcase its portable ‘weigh-beam’ at the event, alongside its on-board agricultural trailer weighing system.

It claims that both products are already popular in the agricultural industry in the UK.

The weigh-beams come with a display that can be seen from the tractor cab. Fobs are available so that the driver does not need to get out of the tractor.

Vehicle tare weights can be stored in the indicator, which can then calculate the net weight of the load. This can be saved to a USB memory stick. The firm says that this enables, for example, harvest information to be put straight into a spreadsheet to produce a yield-per-field figure.

The 4.4m-long ‘weigh-beam’ (pictured) costs £7,100 (€8,000) excluding VAT. A version supplied with electronic fobs costs £8,300 excluding VAT.

On-board trailer weighing

The firm’s on-board agricultural trailer weighing system, meanwhile, works continuously – whilst moving and loading. It, says the company, allows drivers to fill trailers whilst on-the-move – avoiding unnecessary overloading.

Griffith Elder claims that the on-board weighing system has become “popular” with agricultural contractors, as it eliminates the need to stop at a public weighbridge to find out how much is being carried. That, reasons the firm, can be time-consuming.

The company has been working in partnership with agricultural trailer manufacturers to create what it describes as “the ideal on-board weighing system”. As it stands, the system is said to be robust enough to withstand the day-to-day rigours of farm life.

Griffith Elder
Image source: Shane Casey

It has the optional extra of a ‘totalising indicator’, which allows the operator to save individual weights for a batch total. This will display the number of loads a driver has completed and the weight of each load; it will also enable the driver to see the total weight transported at the end of the day.

A printer can also be added to the system, which allows for ticket records to be printed off.

The Griffith Elder kits can be fitted to many different makes of trailer manufacturers as a ‘new-build‘ option.

Griffith Elder

The systems, which employ load-cells between the body and chassis, can also be retro-fitted to existing trailers. The company says that a “ball-park” cost for such a system would be in the region of £4,000 excluding VAT – but it really depends on the type, length and size of the trailer.

Griffith Elder
Image source: Shane Casey