Deadline for forage crop applications looming

There is still time to sow forage crops under the ‘Fodder Production Incentive Measure for Tillage Farmers 2018’.

Under the incentive, €2.75 million was made available to tillage farmers to plant forage crops for livestock farmers and reduce the fodder deficit as a result.

Sow by Saturday

Farmers who wish to avail of the incentive have until Saturday – September 15 – to sow forage crops.

These crops must be sown on tillage land and must stay in the ground for eight weeks before being grazed or harvested.

Under the scheme, farmers may sow brassica crops – such as forage rape or stubble turnips – or short-term grass species – such as Westerwold ryegrass or Italian ryegrass.

Farmers planting brassica crops will be able to avail of a payment of €100/ha, while farmers who opted to sow ryegrass will claim a payment of €150/ha where the crops have been grazed or harvested.

It should be noted that where ryegrass crops are sown they must be maintained until February 1.

Apply by Monday

Farmers who sowed these crops into tillage land between August 3 and September 15 may apply for the incentive. This application must be submitted to the Department of Agriculture by Monday, September 17.

To get a copy of the application form click here

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