Dairy UK new technical training scheme to boost farm profitability

Dairy UK and the College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise, (CAFRE) have joined forces to develop a technical training programme which aims to help dairy farmers improve profitability.

The training will take the form of a series of meetings and will aim to provide working dairy farmers with the latest advice on best practice.

CAFRE director Martin McKendry said: “We have been aware for some time that many dairy farmers not in a Business Development Group would like to have the opportunity for technical information and training.

“This initiative allows CAFRE, in conjunction with dairy companies, to provide additional support to dairy farmers.

CAFRE will work with the dairy companies to develop a programme of meetings and decision support tools for their farmers.

“We are all very aware of the challenges on farm at present due to the very poor weather of 2017 with fodder quantity and quality.

‘Help to plan milk production’

“Through this programme of work CAFRE can help provide options for farmers to consider on their own farm and plan milk production for the year ahead,” McKendry said.

Dairy UK director Dr. Mike Johnston MBE added: “The long-term future of the NI dairy sector depends on a sustainable supply of high-quality milk. This can only be delivered by profitable dairy farms.

“Dairy UK recognises the extremely good work of CAFRE through Business Development Groups, but we are aware that a number of farmers for various reasons are not involved with the scheme and haven’t access to the technical and business information provided by CAFRE.

“The aim of this joint initiative between the dairy companies and CAFRE is to help farmers improve their profitability and is aimed at farmers outside Business Development Groups. This is an excellent example of partnership and collaboration to help individual farmers improve dairy herd margins and be better able to withstand price volatility.”

More information on the initiative will be available in the new year, with the intention of having farmers recruited by March 2018.

Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) also offers a range of Further and Higher Education courses at the College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise (CAFRE).

Dairy UK is the trade association for the British dairy supply chain. It brings together farmers, dairy co-operatives and manufacturers, bottle milk buyers and milkmen throughout the United Kingdom.