Take a look at America’s first robotic farm

America’s first robotic farm claims to use less energy than other modern forms of farming. The hydroponics system uses 90% less water than traditional farming and this is while producing 30 times more crops/ac.

The farm, which is just 8,000ft² in size, is said to take a human-led, robotics first approach. This, it says, allows plants to be grown at their best from seed to harvest.

By using the hydroponics system, the farm provides the same products all year round; which are not affected by seasonality.

What is hydroponics?

Instead of soil, plants are grown using a mineral nutrient solution and misting methods. LED lights are often used as the light source.

However, hydroponic farms require a lot of labour, such as transferring individual plants at different growth stages.

To see the robots in action, take a look at the video below.

Quality produce

Iron Ox – the company behind the robotic farm – states on its website that: “Quality shouldn’t be a luxury or compromise”.

The company claims that it is “using robotics and intelligence to grow better food for less. In a way that uses less; less of what we can’t get back or can’t afford to waste”.

The farm plans to provide a secure food supply and access to premium produce for everyone.

According to reports, the farm plans to grow 26,000 heads of lettuce, greens and herbs. Restaurants will be the first port of call for the produce, which is set to hit the market soon.