Balancing Payments under the 2019 Areas of Natural Constraint (ANC) Scheme have commenced today, Tuesday, December 10, the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Michael Creed, has confirmed.

Commenting on the announcement, Minister Creed said: “The commencement of the ANC balancing payments now brings the total paid under the 2019 ANC Scheme to date to almost €238 million to 95,000 farmers.

“I am very aware of the importance to farmers of the ANC Scheme, and the budget for the scheme has been increased again this year to €250 million.

On foot of the requirements set out in EU Regulations, the ANC Scheme is now being paid on the basis of an advance and a balancing payment.

Regular pay runs will continue to be made under the 2019 ANC Scheme as further cases are cleared for payment. The minister also urged any farmers who have outstanding queries from the department to respond as soon as possible in order to facilitate payment.

Concluding, Minister Creed said: “The timely processing of payments across schemes remains a key priority for my department, as I am very aware of the importance of such schemes for the farming community.

Payments under the main 2019 schemes commenced in mid-September with the advance payment under the ANC Scheme.

“Since that time, a total of €1,599,852,138.68 has now been paid out under a range of schemes operated by my department. “