The Minister for Agriculture has said he expects to be able to confirm the date of the next meeting of the Beef Forum in the coming days.

This comes on the back of calls form farm organisations including the ICSA and the IFA for the Minister to convene a meeting of the Beef Forum to access progress on implementation and to take stock of the recent developments in the beef sector.

IFA Livestock Chairman Henry Burns said the last Beef Forum was in February and it is now time Minister Coveney called another meeting to progress issues.

He said the Minister, as well as Bord Bia, Teagasc and the meat processors, needs to report on the progress being made on all of the issues including price transparency, specifications, production systems, bulls, quality assurance, weight, age, carcase trim, movement and residency, contracts and live exports.

The most recent meeting of the Forum held in February proposed the preparation of written guidelines for beef farmers which would act as a blueprint for those currently producing bull beef or those considering developing bull and other beef production systems, taking into account production efficiency and market dynamics.

There was also general consensus at February’s Forum meeting that good progress was being made in delivering on the outcomes agreed at the November meeting, accompanied by a commitment from all participants to continue this work.

According to the Minister the next meeting of the Beef Forum will include a discussion on Producer Organisations, and the current market situation.

He said he is currently finalising other elements of the agenda at present.