Almost 1,200 fined after animal ID inspections (Here’s what the Dept looks for)

Almost 3,000 farmers were found to have non-compliances relating to Animal identification and Registration following inspections last year, according to latest data from the Department of Agriculture.

Figures released by the Department show that some 1,186 farmers incurred penalty/sanction following the inspection while some 1,752 had only minor breaches with no monetary penalty.

Some 4,743 farmers were inspected on Animal Identification and Registration last year.

The table details the outcome of the 2014 Animal Identification and Registration Inspections. The Department says that it should be noted that this data is subject to change as the outcome of review requests and appeals to the Agriculture Appeals Office are finalised.

animal registration inspections

What does the inspector look at when checking compliance with animal identification and registration?

For cattle

  • A check will be made to determine that animals are tagged and registered.
  • That the Bovine Herd Register is up to date.
  • That the animals on the farm match the animals on the Department’s Herd Profile.
  • That all movements, births and deaths are notified to the Cattle Movement Monitoring System (CMMS) Database.
  • That there is a passport for each animal on the holding and that it is signed by the keeper.

For Sheep

  • A check will be made to determine that sheep are tagged in accordance with the requirements.
  • That the Flock Register and dispatch dockets are up to date.
  • That a flock reconciliation is completed at the end of the year.

For Pigs

  • A check will be made to determine that pigs are tagged in accordance with the requirements.
  • That records are being kept.
  • That movement notifications have been made to the National Pig Identification and Tracing System.