The Department of Agriculture this week released its list of reference costs for investments undertaken by farmers through TAMS II.

Under the scheme, eligible young farmers will be able to receive grant aid at 60% for an array for on-farm investments.

The online system for preparing applications for the Young Farmer Capital Investment Scheme element of TAMS II is now open.

The system can be accessed directly through the Department’s website by farmers who are registered for online services via the Department’s Agfood facility.

Of interest to many farmers in the scheme is will be eligible investments for cattle handling facilities. Only this week the Department of Agriculture released its detail costings under the scheme.

Below is an outline of some of the key costings for cattle handling facilities under the scheme.

Cattle handling facilities
  • Semi-automatic skulling gate and back gate (per) unit €411.00
  • Single sided race in animal area (per) linear metre €81.50
  • Double sided race in animal area (per) linear metre €163.10
  • Single sided race over new concrete (per) linear metre €113.50
  • Double sided race over new concrete (per) linear metre   €195.10
  • Concrete floor for cattle enclosure (per) m2 €24.60
  • Walls for cattle enclosure linear metre (per) €117.50
  • Gates for cattle enclosure (per) linear metre €67.70
  • Barriers for cattle enclosure (per) linear metre €73.60
  • Roof over cattle crush and race (including floor) (per) m2 €94.70
  • Roof over cattle handling enclosure (including floor) (per) m2 €94.70
  • Mobile cattle crush unit (min 2.0m long) (per) item €1,568.00
  • Mobile cattle Penning max 75 linear metres (in combination with a cattle Handling unit) (per) linear metre €43.50
  • Calving Gate in Existing House (per) linear metre €148.90
  • Cattle Head Scoop (per) item €379.00
  • Leg Hoist / Lifter (per) item €252.00
  • Cattle Weighing Scales (per) item €1,164.00
  • Calf dehorning crate (per) item €419.90