An extension to the application period for GLAS tranche 2 is not necessary, according to the Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney.

The Minister opened tranche 2 of GLAS on October 27 for the submission of GLAS applications with the objective of increasing scheme participation levels in 2016 to between 35,000 and 40,000.

This Tranche will close on December 7 and according to the Minister no extension of this date will be necessary.

GLAS Approval Letters

Approval letters for Tranche 1 of GLAS are expected to be sent to farmers this week.

Letters are to be issued as soon as the batch run for approvals is finished with letters then to be issued immediately to all of the 27,000 applicants, the Minister said.

The Department also said that the final validation process had to occur before October 31 to ensure the planned first payment which is set to occur in December of this year.

Farmers entering GLAS can avail of a maximum payment of €5,000 on an annual basis following succesful admittance into the agri-environmental scheme.

Speaking at a recent event the Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney said that his Department has every intention of making the first payment in December 2015.

Farmers applying to tranche 2 of GLAS will not be able to avail of a number of options that have been removed from the scheme, including hedgerow planting,