A large amount of Agriland readers regularly drive a tractor and if you’re one of them, have you ever thought about breaking a Guinness World Record while doing so?

Plenty of people in this country have succeeded in writing their names into the history books by taking on some novel challenges.

For example, in April 2018, Narraghmore Vintage Club in Co. Kildare got together in a bid to break the Guinness World Record for the longest parade of Massey Ferguson tractors.

The successful attempt celebrated 60 years of Massey Ferguson tractors, following the merger of Massey Harris and Ferguson in the 1950s to form the iconic brand.

In total, 285 tractors took part in the 3.2km parade.

If you need some inspiration for a record of your own, here are some other existing records from the Guinness World Record website that you may like to try your hand at breaking.

A one-person show

Perhaps you fancy an extended hiatus from the farm by attempting the longest journey by tractor?

The record is currently held by Hubert Berger who travelled around Europe between May 8 and October 23, 2016, in a 1970 Eicher Tiger II tractor.

In total, Hubert travelled 25,378.4km across 36 countries, starting and ending in his native country, Germany.

On August 21, 2018, Sagar Thakar claimed the record for the longest journey reversing a tractor and trailer when he covered a distance of 44.4km in Modasa, India.

The record had only been broken earlier that same month by Co. Carlow dairy farmer Paddy Kennedy, who reversed 31.26km from Carlow Institute of Technology to Mount Leinster GAA grounds.

JCB at Kiltoom Roscommon
Often purchased for transport duties the JCB Fastrac is one of those less common tractors that is frequently seen on the roads

The record for the fastest tractor (modified) was set by TV presenter and motorcycle racer Guy Martin, who drove a JCB Fastrac at a top speed of 217.57km/h in north Yorkshire, UK on October 23, 2019.

For the attempt, the vehicle’s standard engine had been replaced with a modified JCB engine producing over 1,000hp.

A group effort

Perhaps like Narraghmore Vintage Club you would like some help in taking home a Guinness World Record with your tractor?

Here are just some of the many group records held for tractor driving.

In August 2007, the record for the greatest number of veteran tractors (older than 30 years) to plough the same field simultaneously was set during the Cooley Tractor Challenge in Co. Louth; 4,572 tractors took part.

The most tractors ploughing simultaneously was 2,141 at the British Tractor Challenge 2006 held at Hullavington Air Base, Wiltshire, UK.

The most two-wheeled tractors ploughing simultaneously was achieved by 23 British and Irish ploughmen at an event organised by the George Holt’s Iron Horse Tractor Group in Surrey, UK on August 29, 2011.

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The White Cross Vintage Association claimed the record of the most tractors of the same brand working simultaneously in September 2014, when 726 Ferguson tractors came together at the Grianan Estate in Co. Donegal.

The record for the largest parade of tractors is held by the Dresden branch of the Canadian Cancer Society. 1,231 tractors took part in the event in July 2010.

Meanwhile, the record for the largest parade of classic tractors stands at 1,430 and was achieved by Schlepperfreunde Auenberg e.V. in Germany, in May 2016; the parade was 11km long.

Finally, the title of the most tractor-mounted hedge trimmers working simultaneously (102) was achieved by Hedge Cutting Association in Co. Kilkenny in October 2013.

Many of the records were attempted as part of fundraising efforts for various charities.

So if you have been inspired to take on your own challenge, check out the Guinness World Record website for all the details on how to apply.

Of course, when attempting any record-breaking undertaking, be sure to always put safety first.