Copa-Cogeca welcomes withdrawal of Soil Framework Directive

Copa-Cogeca has welcomed the EU Commissions’ decision to withdraw the EU  proposal for a soil directive, stressing it would have resulted in far more costs than benefits.

Copa-Cogeca Secretary-General Pekka Pesonen said:

“We warmly welcome the Commissions’ decision. The proposal for a soil directive (published in the Official Journal), had been blocked  in the Council for years. And it was not necessarily going to improve soil protection in the EU. Its only consequence would have been more bureaucracy for farmers and agri-cooperatives”.

He continued:

“Soil is a valuable resource for farmers and forest owners and a key production  factor so is protection and sustainable use is crucial. Farmers are making huge efforts to prevent  soil degradation resulting from erosion, compaction and decline in organic matter. The EU  already has effective legislation which contains strict soil protection measures, included in the
new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) as well as in a framework of EU environmental  legislation. The soil directive would have just added layers of red tape. There was no need for it”.