Global food companies took to the stage during the 28th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP28) today (Tuesday, December 5) to pledge to “account and publicly disclose” methane emissions within their dairy supply chains.

Nestle, Danone, the Bel Group, General Mills, Kraft Heinz and Lactalis USA joined forces with the non-profit Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) to launch the Dairy Methane Action Alliance (DMAA) today in Dubai.

According to the EDF by signing up to the new alliance these global companies “have stepped forward to set a new standard for accountability, transparency, and ambitious climate action” within the food industry. 

The six companies, who together represent more than $200 billion in revenue, pledged at COP28 to “annually account and publicly disclose methane emissions within their dairy supply chains”.

They have also “agreed to create and implement a comprehensive methane action plan”.


Fred Krupp, president, of the EDF, today called on every company in the global dairy supply chain to join with the new alliance’s six co-founders and “expedite a global shift to climate smart dairy and deliver larger impact and scale”.

Krupp added: “Transforming how we produce food is essential to stabilising the climate. We also need to support farmers as they work to feed the world in the face of climate change.

“Dairy companies can be part of the fight against climate change by reducing methane pollution. This is an exciting step forward in putting methane action front and center for the dairy sector.”

(L-R) Jaime Adams, U.S. Government; Fred Krupp, president EDF, Henrix Bruxelles, Danone, David Shaw, Kraft Heinz, Magdi Batato, Nestle
Source: Environmental Defense Fund

Henri Bruxelles, chief sustainability and strategic business development officer at Danone, also told the audience at COP28 that the global food group has “committed to reduce methane emissions from fresh milk 30% by 2030”.

Bruxelles added: “We are thrilled to be a co-founding member of this alliance, which is a powerful signal of how the dairy sector can collectively tackle the challenge of climate change while strengthening livelihoods and resilience, and providing nutritious food.”

Meanwhile Antonia Wanner, global head of environmental, social, and corporate governance operations and deployment at Nestlé, also highlighted that the Swiss group is working with farmers and suppliers to find ” find practical and affordable ways to take action now”.