Collecting yards are the only exemption in terms of the requirement to cover (roof) slurry storage on farms under the capital accelerated allowance scheme announced in Budget 2023, farmers were told at a recent farm event.

The event titled ‘Future proofing farmyards’ took place last Friday (January 13) in Co. Tipperary where up to 80 farmers gathered.

Tips on farmyard design and minimising the storage required by farmers, along with the costs, design options and common problems found in yards, were discussed.

Organiser of the event, Róisín McManus, a Teagasc Walsh Fellowship Masters student, told Agriland that the event was a success, with farmers taking home plenty of information on the day on the above topics.

Roisin McManus opening the event held on the farm of Graham Harding in Co. Tipperary last Friday

Talking to famers about the accelerated capital allowance scheme, Teagasc specialist Patrick Gowing spoke about what can be expected from it in terms of slurry storage.

“Within the literature, slurry storage has to be covered,” he said.

“If you want to get accelerated capital write down on a slurry tank it has to be covered.

“So basically you can’t have any open slatted tanks except in one instance. If you are building a tank for a collecting yard, it doesn’t have to be covered.

“Also, if you are putting in an overground tower it has to be covered,” he added.

“There is also a mention of geomembrane lined tanks [lagoons] and the slurry bags [which are fully sealed] that pump in very low dry matter slurry, both expected to be availed of too within the scheme. These both don’t require planning permission.”