The current cold snap is set to continue this week, as temperatures remain low with severe overnight frost a common theme for the week ahead, according to Met Eireann.

It is set to be very cold today (Monday), but many areas will be dry with sunny spells. Scattered wintry showers of rain or sleet, mainly across the north and west, are expected.

After a bitterly cold start, frost and ice may linger in some inland areas. Temperatures are forecast to recover to range from 2º to 5º, in moderate to fresh north-west winds.

Isolated wintry showers in the north-west are expected to die out and tonight is set to be dry and clear with widespread severe frost returning. Temperatures will fall to as low as -4º.

On account of the unsettled weather, very low temperatures and short days, there will be little or no drying this week, according to Met Eireann. Opportunities for spraying will also be limited.

Meanwhile, most soils are at field capacity or saturated at the moment – with little or no change expected in the coming days, it added.


Frost is forecast to clear tomorrow morning (Tuesday) and cloud will increase, with a spell of rain pushing east across the country during the day – the rain may change to sleet and snow over high ground.

Highest temperatures are expected to reach between 4º and 7º, in a freshening south-west wind.


Wednesday is set to be a cold and blustery day with widespread showers or showery rain; some showers will turn wintry at times, with falls of snow likely on higher ground.

Temperatures will range from 4º to 8º in strong westerly winds. Showers may retreat towards western coastal counties overnight, leaving much of the country clear.

There will be a danger of severe frost, as temperatures fall to around freezing.


Thursday will remain cold with further rain or showers expected during the day. Temperatures will reach as high as 8º, with winds turning more northerly in direction.

Severe frost is set to follow overnight in clearer conditions, according to Met Eireann.

Friday is forecast to be a cold bright day in northerly winds. It is likely to be mainly dry, but there will be a possibility of some showers over Connacht and Ulster.

Temperatures will remain similar to the previous day, with severe frost again overnight. Early indications suggest that it will be mainly dry on Saturday, with rain expected on Sunday.