Close to €2 million in scheme payments issued to farmers last week

Close to €2 million in scheme payments was issued to farmers last week, according to the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine.

Tweets published by the department’s official Twitter account outlined how payments were issued to farmers under the TAMS and the Green, Low-Carbon Agri-Environment (GLAS) schemes.

Earlier this morning, the department outlined how almost €1.1 million was paid out in TAMS grants last week alone.

This has brought the total figure paid to farmers in 2017 to €17 million, with new payments being issued on a weekly basis to farmers.

Meanwhile, figures released by the department also revealed how payments – equalling €800,000 – were issued to participants in the GLAS scheme last week.

A total of 17,000 farmers have received their balancing payment under the scheme, the tweet added. Other participants have been advised to ensure that they have their Nutrient Management Plan properly submitted, in order for their balancing payment to be processed.

GLAS balancing payments

Earlier this month, the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Michael Creed, announced that the department was to begin to issue the 15% balancing payments owed to farmers – totalling €10 million – under the GLAS scheme.

Minister Creed revealed that these balancing payments would be issued to 15,000 farmers participating in either GLAS 1 or GLAS 2 at the end of the first week of July.

This first phase of balancing payments completed the total payment for GLAS actions undertaken last year for 15,000 farmers.

The department added that the €10 million – needed to carry out these balancing payments – would have brought the entire expenditure in relation to GLAS 2016 to date to over €138 million.