Burrenbeo Trust marks its 10th anniversary since launch

The Burrenbeo Trust, a landscape charity that deals with the Burren area in Co. Clare, recently marked 10 years in existence, and its achievements in that time.

The anniversary was marked by a celebration at the village hall in the north Clare village of Tubber, situated near the Burren region.

According to the charity, its purpose is to “engage with [its] local places, primarily focused on the world-famous Burren landscape”.

The charity says that, over the years, it has organised a number of events and activities, including programmes for local schools, walks through the area, and hosting notable international visitors, including Britain’s Prince Charles.

“It is a with a mixture of great pride and gratitude that we reflect on the past decade,” said Brendan Dunford, co-founder of the Trust.

“Pride for all that has been achieved – hundreds of educational walks, talks and conservation volunteer events, wonderful Winterage Weekends, Learning Landscape Symposiums and Burren in Bloom festivals, to list but a few,” added Dunford.

And the gratitude, he added, was directed towards all the people who helped build up the Trust over the years.

People like Ann O’Connor, whose vision for Burrenbeo inspired us all; Brigid Barry, our coordinator for most of the decade, who did so much to make this vision a reality; sterling volunteers like Richard Morrison and Stephen Ward, who dedicated countless voluntary hours; our amazing staff, Annalista, Kate and Aine; and our members.

The group says it is now looking forward to the next 10 years, and hopes to continue delivering these types of programmes, and reaching out to other similar groups to share the lessons it’s learned since it’s been up and running.