A Christmas charity tractor run due to place tomorrow, Tuesday, December 27, in Co. Limerick is set to attract over 200 participants.

The annual tractor run is now in it’s seventh year, according to William Bourke, who is a member of the Anglesboro Vintage Club which organises the run.

“We decided to set up the run a few years ago and it has continued to progress. It has helped to develop the community spirit.

“Our numbers have held around the 200 mark for the last few years but we’re hoping to improve on that number this year,” he said.

The Christmas tractor run, which is in aid of the Irish Kidney Association, is an ideal opportunity for farmers to bring out their tractors, Bourke added.

Everything is quiet on the farm and some of the women could be gone off shopping, so lads can hop up on the tractor for the day.

Tractors of all sizes are invited to take part, from modern to vintage. A few vintage cars will also take part, we don’t discriminate,” he said.

Registration for the charity tractor run will begin at 9.30am and a charge of €20 will be in place, while the run is expected to take off from the Anglesboro community hall in Co. Limerick at 12pm on December 27.

The tractor run is expected to attract drivers from across counties Limerick, Tipperary and Cork, Bourke said.

Lads could get on their tractor at 8 o’clock in the morning and drive 20 or 30 miles before they get to us.

“Then they set off on the 20 mile run and have a bit of craic when the return before beginning the journey home,” he said.

The tractor run should take between an hour to an hour and a half to complete, with refreshments back in the community centre following the event.

Any vintage cars which take part in the event will set off on a different route, which will be about 50 miles long, Bourke said.

Some other fundraising events are also set to take place on the day, including a charity auction and a raffle.