Authorities in China are looking into reports that a large milk processor in the country sold milk from cows that tested positive for TB.

The reports allege that several of 94 dairy cows sold by a unit of China Modern Dairy Holdings Ltd. in an auction tested positive for bovine TB, while some tested positive for brucellosis.

China Modern Dairy Holdings has said that it is fully co-operating with the relevant government authority on such investigation by providing all the relevant information and records as required. “The Group has always attached great importance to the health management of our dairy cows. The Group has implemented stringent disease control practices and risk management policies throughout all of our farms and has complied with the applicable laws,” its statement says.

It is unclear whether any product has been recalled or removed from the marketplace.

Dairying in China has come under pressure in recent years with a melamine scandal that killed a number of children and made thousands sick in 2008.

Last year Danone was forced to recall thousands of tonnes of infant formula over a false alarm health scare from its ingredients supplier Fonterra.