Chart: 570 agricultural appeals received in 2019

570 appeals were received last year, an increase of 2.5% when compared with 556 appeals received in 2018, according to the Agricultural Appeals Office, in its annual report for 2019.

The number of appeals received in 2019 is lower than the 10-year annual average of 708 appeals, with the lowest number of appeals between 2010 and 2019 found to be 2018, and the highest number of appeals recorded in 2012, when some 1,036 were lodged.

In terms of breakdown per county, the appeals office noted that Co. Cork had the highest number of appeals last year, with 64 lodged, while Co. Galway had the second highest amount, with 58. Next highest was Co. Kerry, with 39 appeals.

On the opposite end of the scale, Co. Dublin accounted for just two appeals last year, while Co. Carlow and Co. Louth had six and seven appeals lodged respectively.


In terms of outcomes of all cases closed in 2019, the Agricultural Appeals Office revealed that: 44% of appeals were “allowed, partially allowed, revised by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine”; 43% were disallowed; and 13% were withdrawn or invalid.

In numerical terms 491 agricultural appeals were closed in 2019. Of these, 214 were allowed, partially allowed or revised by the department; 211 were disallowed; and 66 were withdrawn, invalid and out of time, according to the office.

By comparison, in 2018, 39% were “allowed, partially allowed, revised by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine”; 45% were disallowed; and 16% were withdrawn or invalid.

Homing in on the quick-turnaround cases, the office also noted the outcome of cases received and closed in 2019 – which amounted to 274 cases.

Of these, 40% were allowed, partially allowed and revised by the department; 39% were disallowed; and 21% were withdrawn or invalid.

Case breakdown

Of the 491 cases closed last year, the Agricultural Appeals Office gave a further breakdown of outcomes.

It was noted that, of the 214 (43.58%) cases which were allowed, partially allowed or revised, 80 cases were allowed (16.29%); 50 were partially allowed (10.18%); and 84 were revised (17.11%).

Of the 66 (13.44%) cases which were withdrawn, invalid or out of time, 19 were withdrawn (3.87%); 37 were invalid (7.53%); and 10 were out of time (2.04%).

Finally, 211 (42.98%) were disallowed.