The weather for the weekend and start of next week will remain changeable and unsettled, Met Eireann says.

Today (Friday) there will be some scattered outbreaks of rain and drizzle but dry in many areas this morning, Met Eireann says.

Eastern areas will stay mostly dry, with some sunny breaks up to mid afternoon, but rain will become persistent in western counties during the afternoon, spreading eastwards to affect other areas this evening, it says.

Met Eireann says rain will be persistent in the west and north, but will be more scattered this evening in the east and south.

There will be highest temperatures between 16 to 22 degrees Celsius today (Friday) and it will be warmest in eastern counties, it says.

Tonight (Friday) rain and drizzle clearing east early tonight and becoming dry apart from scattered showers in parts of the west and northwest, it says.

Looking to the weekend, there will be dry, bright conditions in eastern areas tomorrow (Saturday) but scattered outbreaks of rain in western areas will become more persistent in the afternoon, it says.

There will be highs of 16 to 19 degrees on Saturday afternoon, highest in the east with fresh and gusty south to southwest winds, Met Eireann says.

Rain will clear eastwards on early Saturday night and it will become dry in most places with just a few showers in parts of the northwest, it says.

Met Eireann says that Sunday will be bright and fresh in many places with sunny spells, mostly dry with just the odd shower.

Thickening cloud will bring rain into western and southwestern parts in the evening and there will be afternoon temperatures of 17 to 20 degrees, it says.

Met Eireann says there will be rain in all areas overnight with strengthening winds.

Outlook for next week

On Monday, rain will clear eastwards on Monday morning to brighter weather with scattered showers, Met Eireann says.

It will be windy with strong and very gusty west to northwest winds and afternoon highs of 15 to 19 degrees, highest in the southeast, it says.

Looking to Tuesday, Met Eireann says that it will be a cool and fresh day with sunny spells and scattered showers mostly in the north and northwest.

There will be fresh west to northwest winds decreasing moderate later and afternoon temperatures of 15 to 19 degrees, it says.

Wednesday will be cool, dry and bright in many areas with afternoon highs of 14 to 17 degrees in light winds however cloudier in the south and southeast with rain possibly developing there later, it says.

Met Eireann says that indications suggest unsettled conditions over the following few days.