Cereal production increased 8.2% in 2014 – CSO

Cereal production increased in 2014 from the previous year by 8.2%, according to figures from the Central Statistics Office (CSO).

Production of Ireland’s three main cereals, wheat, oats and barley increased by 197,000t to 2.5m tonnes last year, it says.

The production of winter cereals also increased by 502,000t to 1.3m tonnes and this included an increase of 241,000t of winter wheat, it says.

The potato yields were also up in 2014 increasing by 6% from 38.2t/ha in 2013 to to 40.5t/ha in 2014, the figures show.

While the potato yield increased, there was a decrease in production of 27,000t (6.6%). This was due to a decrease of 11.9% in the area sown to 9,500ha in 2014.

In 2014, spring oats production decreased by 87,000t on the back of the area sown decreasing by some 12,800ha, however, the yield increased by 4%.

Spring wheat production also decreased by 70,000t and the area sown decreased by 8,800ha, the figures show.

Oilseed rape production fell by 15,000t last year and the area sown also decreased by 4,200ha. The yield per hectare increased slightly by 0.8%, the CSO says.

2015/16 EU production estimates

The European Commission has increased its estimates for both maize and barley production in 2015/16 in its latest balance sheet and forecast update.

Barley production in the EU has been raised to 59.5m tonnes from 58.6m tonnes forecast in April, according to the forecast.

Maize production in the EU has been raised to 68.1m tonnes from 66.3m tonnes forecast from April, it says.

This latest maize forecast is 12.5% lower from the estimate given at the same time last year while barley is down 1.2%, the figures show.