Cattle marts: Weanlings in demand around the country

The weanling trade in marts around the country continues to be strong with as reports suggest that 20,000 cattle are to be exported to Turkey in the coming months.

While cattle numbers being presented for sale are down in places the appetite for good quality weanling stock has not fallen.

Castlerea Mart

Reports of a strong sale in Castlerea on Thursday last are bolstered by the premium prices paid on the day.

The most interest centred around weanling bulls and heifers, where quality lots were sought.

Prices for continental heifers, particularly Charolais, were up on previous weeks, ranging from €2.60/kg to €3.10/kg. There was a similar rise in weanling bull prices where lighter animals made as much as €3.70/kg while the heavier lots were closer to €2.80/kg.

Dry cows showed a good clearance rate from the ring while there was a notable increase in demand for breeding stock. Cows with calves at foot brought in prices ranging from €1,045 to €1,565.

Sample weanling prices:

  • Charolais Heifer: 285kg – €880 or €3.08/kg
  • Limousin Heifer: 275kg – €800 or €2.90/kg
  • Charolais Bull: 410kg – €1,160 or €2.83/kg
  • Charolais Bull: 280kg- €1,055 or €3.75/kg

Macroom Supply Down

Last Saturday’s mart at Macroom saw a fall in stock numbers after recent bumper sales. Mart foreman Tim McSweeney believes the drop is partly down to the good weather which has seen more cattle still out at grass than would be usual for the time of year.

There was good demand for weanling cattle which was driven, McSweeney believes, by the competition created by continuing exports of cattle to Turkey.

The weanling trade ranged from €2.60/kg to €2.95/kg for lighter animals while heavier stock went for less with one Aberdeen Angus bull selling for €2.40/kg (405kg sold for €970).

Store trade was steady where heifers made €2.10/kg to €2.40/kg while steers ranged from €1.75/kg to €2.00/kg

Sample Steer Prices:

  • Friesian: 505kg – €880 or €1.75/kg
  • Hereford: 405kg – €800 or €2.00/kg
  • Aberdeen Angus: 525kg – €1,005 or €1.90/kg

McSweeney said that he expected a large stock to be presented for sale at next Saturday’s mart as farmers look to house animals for the winter.

Kilkenny Stock Changing

After last Thursday’s general cattle sale auctioneer George Candler said that the lack of continental cattle for sale was striking.

A total of 950 head of cattle went through the mart on the day with Candler saying that a lot of the stock are now coming from dairy herds.

Not withstanding this there was good demand for the store cattle on offer, which made up the majority of the sale.

Store bullocks were making anything from €1.75/kg to €2.50/kg of which most were either Hereford or Aberdeen Angus bred. A number of Friesian cattle were cleared at €1.65/kg.

The heifer stores did a similar trade with many of the lighter lots making €2.45/kg. Of the heavier lots continental heifers sold for €2.50 – €2.55/kg while the native breeds were closer to the €2.00/kg mark.

Sample Store Heifers

  • Charolais: 395kg – €970 or €2.45/kg
  • Hereford: 380kg – €710 or €1.87/kg
  • Aberdeen Angus: 370kg – €790 or €2.14/kg

Candler said that the numbers of farmers converting to dairy production has greatly reduced the numbers of continental bred cattle available for sale.