Carnew Mart held its weekly calf sale on Saturday, February 12, which saw over 360 calves presented for sale at the Co. Wicklow-based mart.

To obtain some insight into the trade, Agriland spoke with Eugene Clune from Carnew Mart.

Carnew Mart

Giving some insight into the trade at the calf sale, Eugene said: “We had our first big sale of the year with 363 calves entered. The sale was met with a lively trade from farmers and exporters.”

A number of marts in recent weeks have begun displaying dam breed for calves being sold; Saturday was the first time this was on offer at Carnew Mart.

Commenting on this, Eugene said: “Displaying the dam’s breed on the board really gave buyers more confidence when buying calves – especially for buyers purchasing export-type Friesian calves.”

Calf sale

Commenting further on the trade, Eugene said: “There was a good trade among farmers, with good coloured calves in very high demand throughout.

“Hereford-cross and Angus-cross bull calves sold between €280 and €360 while Hereford-cross and Angus-cross heifers sold from €170 to €295.

“There was good entry of Charolais-cross calves, a mix of bulls and heifers. These sold to a top price of €510 for a three-week-old Charolais-cross bull calf.”

Some more sample prices:

  • One-month-old Angus-cross bull sold for €320;
  • One-month-old Charolais-cross bull sold for €420;
  • Three-week-old Simmental-cross heifer sold for €325;
  • Six-week-old Hereford-cross bull sold for €360;
  • Three-week-old Charolais-cross bull sold for €390;
  • Three-week-old Charolais-cross bull sold for €385;
  • Three-week-old Charolais-cross bull sold for €300;
  • Three-week-old Charolais-cross heifer sold for €355.

Friesian bulls

Moving onto the Friesian bull calves on offer at the sale on Saturday, Eugene said: “The shipping-type calves were met with a very lively trade, selling from €55 to a top call of €120, with most of these calves selling for between €60 and €90.

“The stronger/older Friesian calves were very sought after, selling from €150 to €245, with farmers mad for calves that don’t need a lot more milk,” according to Eugene.

Some more sample prices:

  • Two, three-week-old Friesian bulls made €95 each;
  • Eight-week-old Friesian bull made €245;
  • Three-week-old Friesian bull made €90;
  • Four-week-old Friesian bull made €120.