CAP Agreement is ‘bad for the state’ – ICMSA

John Comer, president of ICMSA has said that the CAP Agreement is bad for the state, but that it could have been much worse.

In the latest ICMSA newsletter he said: “The Agreement is more of a negative than positive for this state and its farmers. Of course it could have been much worse if Commissioner Ciolos’ original disastrous proposals had been implemented.

“But the fact that the negotiators saw sense on some of the more radical and destructive original proposals should not change the fact that, overall, the deal is bad for this State and for this State’s most progressive and productive farmers.”

The July 2013 newsletter is now available online. Other highlights from newsletter include:

  • A piece on the returns of beef markets
  • Advice for Dairy farmers in the summer climate
  • Analyses of CAP reform
  • And how to priorotise safety

The full newsletter can be found here.