Calls made for Government to lead the way on solar power

Ministers and Government TD’s must show their personal leadership on climate action by generating part of the electricity requirements for their homes through installing solar Photovoltaics (PV).

This is according to chairman of the Micro Renewable Energy Federation (MREF), Pat Smith.

He stressed that those considering installing solar PVs should avail of the new grant scheme from SEAI for installing solar PV and battery storage in their homes.

Smith said: “The new Government grant scheme for solar PV and battery storage is a practical and attractive opportunity for homes to generate up to 60% of their own electricity requirements from solar PV.

This system has become an affordable, reliable and low maintenance technology that any home can easily adopt.

Smith explained that a 4 kilowatt-peak (kWp) solar PV system will reduce carbon emissions generated by a home by as much as 20% and reduce electricity bills by as much as 50%.

“There are expert, professional businesses across the country registered and equipped to install solar PV systems with grant support from the SEAI allaying a significant part of the cost.

The new Government grant support through SEAI for adopting solar PV is being well received by home owners.

Smith concluded: “Government TD’s and ministers have the opportunity to lead from the front on this vital issue for Ireland and climate action wordwide. They should adopt the technology and show leadership within their communities.”